Solidarity Shuffle

SquirellontheSubwayCentral Belt Shuffler has been on strike for the past week or few. This has meant decisions each day about whether to shuffle on into work earlier than usual, to be on the picket line with colleagues, or to stay at home.

But today there was a rally on home territory, so Central Belt Shuffler headed to George Square, with a homemade placard in hand. University unions from round Scotland gathered, as well as trade unionists from other industrial sectors (thank you – and lessons learned in support for workers next time Scotrail has a strike).

On the way home, I leaned my placard by the subway rail. A woman smiled at it, and got onto the same carriage as me.

We got chatting about the strike. She was a student at a local university. I asked if her classes had been disrupted. She shrugged, smiled, and said, we support you!

Heartening words of solidarity on the shuffle home. Thank you.

The Subway is going Smart

Smart Subway

The Glasgow Subway system is ‘going Smart’, in time, we are promised, for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

At the moment, this means stations are being transformed to sell and accept new tickets (what will Glasgow’s version of an ‘Oyster Card’ be? Something slightly less refined and more carbohydrate heavy, perhaps?)

In this transitional period, though, subway staff are manually checking tickets. And so at Buchanan Street, two men stand either side of the gate, invalidating singles with a black office hole punch. One says to the other:

‘Oh, you want a go?’ He hands over the punch. His colleague punches a ticket.

‘You’re like a big wean wi’a new toy you are.’