Going Dutch

stroopwafelApparently tomorrow it’s going to be announced that the ScotRail franchise is to be taken over by a Dutch company, an ‘offshoot’ of the Dutch national railways. Yet another blow for the post-indyref Yes campaigners, who might have hoped that an independent Scotland might lead to a greater degree of nationalisation (and not by the Dutch Government).

Politics aside, going Dutch reminds me of a short journey between Leiden and The Hague, taken with a handful of friends from all round the world, shuffling between conference venues. Upstairs (oh hang on, will we have double-storey trains when this company takes over? That’s surely a positive?), one American friend was earnestly studying her Dutch phrase book and trying to read some out (with difficulty).

‘We all speak English, you know,’ said one native passenger.

Somewhat subdued, we carried on our journey.

So, Dutch courage for the future of Central Belt Shuffling in Scotland. I’ll still be taking the train, of course.

In the hope that the food trolley has some of those delicious Stroopwafels on it.