Not in Fife

The driver at Leuchars, welcoming international students and tourists onto the St Andrews-bound bus:

Pounds only. No Euros, no funny money.

You can’t use your student card on the bus, or any bus in Fife. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee. Not in Fife.

That ticket allows you to travel on buses in Fife for the whole day. Anywhere in Fife.

Where do you want to go? The golf course?

Weapon of War

Travelling by bike and train has its charms. And its occasional challenges.

Particularly when catching a Friday evening train some hours into its journey south from Aberdeen.

Not long started on the Central Belt Shuffle, and boarding a busy train one evening, I had to ask someone to get up from a tip-up seat by the bike storage area so I could get my bike in. The two of us were then standing for the rest of the journey.

Another, prematurely elderly, tin-drinking man took offence. He started snarling at me, if you can both slur and snarl. I’ve no idea what he was saying, and smiled as best I could.

Five or so minutes later, out came a small set of pipes, with black* velvet bag.

I’d heard that bagpipes were a weapon of war. In a packed train carriage, with 20 minutes journey-time remaining, that was confirmed.

*This post was previously entitled The Black Piper, until my PC-checker suggested I might change it to avoid any confusion. Good call, Miss J.