Peter and Wayne

Two mid-sized pigeons, standing on a train

One called Peter, one called Wayne

Ride away Peter, ride away Wayne

Getting the Bishopbriggs train home again?*

*This doggerel was inspired by the sight of two pigeons standing on the roof of the Dunblane train as it pulled out of the Queen Street platform into the tunnel. Riding high, like a cowboy atop a train in a Western. John Wayne, perhaps.

The Ingenuity of Pigeons

Today is a strike day, so no shuffling is to be had.

So instead, a second-hand report from a previous day. But a good one.

According to another frequent shuffler on Twitter:

‘My train is delayed “due to animals”. Well, that’s a first. Better get Snow White to sort them out.’

And then:

‘You know those spikes in stations to stop birds nesting? I just saw a pigeon having a rest on a spike cluster. Animals are winning today.’

Shuffling gold.