Good for transport links

Two retired women, smartly dressed, are chatting on the subway. Their husbands stand, holding the bar, swaying to the movement of the train.

One is asking the other about how it is, living in the city centre.

‘Not the best,’ replies her friend, dismissively.

The first woman, slightly put back, presses her friend. ‘Why do you say that?’

‘Well, it’s good for transport links,’ she admits. It becomes clear, though, that it can be difficult for deliveries.

Their conversation pauses for a while, then the city centre dweller picks up, following the train of thought about deliveries.

‘I bought John one of those wing-backed chairs for his birthday,’ she reveals.

‘Does he know?’ (The two men remain oblivious to the conversation).

‘Oh yes!’

‘And a packet of those Werther’s Originals!’

Both women laugh at the thought.

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