Shreds of Daylight

Shreds of LightOnce more, it’s lighter later. As February draws to a close, the evenings draw out. It must be one of those times of the year where each day stretches its fingers and toes, like a child in a music and movement class. (The length by which day grows or shrinks is not regular, and so that sensation of rapid change at some points in the year is not an illusion, but a reality – though it is influenced by the clarity or obscurity of the sky.)

And so, while the rise of the morning sun is still twenty minutes earlier in Central Belt Shuffler’s previous home town of Oxford, the sun is now setting five minutes later in Glasgow, as the Met Office’s app* reveals.Glasgow Weather

Today has been a particularly pleasant venture into Spring, with the heavy rainfall of the morning commute turning to afternoon sunshine, and shreds of daylight till after 6. And so the wait for the 1814 Bridge of Allan-Glasgow is accompanied by bird song, a clear view of the Wallace Monument, and the sense of hope and longer evenings ahead.

*Download this app; don’t use the standard weather app on your phone. (Central Belt Shuffler is a geography teacher’s daughter.)


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