Strike Day Shuffle

Golden VirginiaToday is the second of three planned two-hour strikes by Central Belt Shuffler’s union.

I’ve been over in Edinburgh for meetings in the morning, and thus heading into work in order to join the picket line would seem slightly counter-intuitive. So I’ve been filling up on coffee in a congenial cafe, and trying to remember how I learned to read.

All I can really remember is that in one primary class we were given small Golden Virginia tobacco tins, in which were stored small pieces of coloured card with words written in felt-tip pen for us to take home and learn.

Those early memories of reading, thus, always have a faint whiff of tobacco curling around them. A rich, sweet smell; adult, from far-distant shores. An appropriate analogy for what reading can become, even if handing out tobacco tins to the under-7s is not best practice today.

As the last minutes of the strike ebb away, Central Belt Shuffler boards the homeward train. Due to ScotRail’s rolling out of free wifi across central belt trains, I’ll be checking my email on the big screen the moment the strike ends. I’m sure that the two hours I haven’t been working in the middle of the day will be made up later. However, my employer has threatened to dock a full day’s pay for a two-hour strike. Hardly an incentive to keep on shuffling workwards.