Mind the Spaniel

Milly‘Would you mind my things?’

I nodded, and the woman headed up the carriage towards the toilet.

Her things included a spaniel, attached by its lead to the table leg. It started hoovering up food from the floor. I wasn’t sure how much I was supposed to be minding the spaniel, and how much the inanimate possessions.

The dog’s owner returned. ‘She’ll eat anything, except grapes and raw onions.’ She is also, apparently, a regular central belt shuffler, well used to train travel.

The train manager came by to check our tickets, giving the spaniel a tickle under the chin on the way past.

He returned a few minutes later to check out the dog – Milly – more thoroughly. He sat down at the table; Milly stood on her hind legs, nose to nose with him.

‘She’s a complete sook. She’ll snog anyone.’

‘Don’t snog me,’ the train manager told Milly affectionately. ‘Ma girlfriend will be jealous.’


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