‘We need future plans’

Live tweets from a morning commute:

There are Waterstones staff on the train frantically scribbling on ppt print-outs with graphs and tables. Not sure this bodes well.

Although they might be mature students preparing for a simulated business case presentation. In conclusion, ‘We’re doomed.’

They seem to be trying to find reasons why they haven’t hit their targets. Hmmm.

[Why don’t I just ask them if they actually work for Waterstones, a Twitter correspondent wishes to know.]

They’re VERY busy. ‘So this is December, the high street was down 10%…’

One of them is staring out of the window at the snow. The others, ‘Fiction up, children’s down’, ‘2%’, ‘what’s the comparator year’?

Besides, I can’t say to them, ‘Do you really work at Waterstones, or are you pretending?’

Perhaps they’re my students, but have changed a lot over the break?

‘This slide is pretty good’, ‘We need future plans’, ‘Here’s a James Daunt quote’.

Ah, I either know about forthcoming staff reductions at Waterstones now, or I’m spreading nasty rumours…

I’m afraid I can’t report the future of Waterstones as I’ve left the train… (In case any of you were on tenterhooks.)


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